Information about Cookies

Moodle uses three Cookies. Cookies are small files which in the context of use of our website are saved on your computer.

One used Cookie is named "MoodleSession". This Cookie must be allowed in order for your login to remain active when shifting between our various web pages. Upon logging out or closing your web browser this Cookie is automatically deleted.

The Cookie named "EU_COOKIE_LAW_CONSENT" saves your acceptance of the data protection information, so that the request does not appear again each time you visit the site. The validity of this cookie ends after one month.

A further Cookie is called "MoodleID". This Cookie saves your login name in your web browser and remains after logging out. Upon logging in for your next session, your log in name will already be entered. This Cookie serves only for your own comfort by the logging-in process and remains saved on your computer. This Cookie is optional. If you do not wish to use the Cookie, you must supply your login information with each ensuing session.

With your acceptance of our data privacy policy during the registration process, you accept the use of cookies in our learning platform.